A fork of the Zola theme "Terminimal".
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# Be sure to change these!
base_url = "https://pawroman.github.io/zola-theme-terminimal"
title = "Zola Terminimal theme"
# Sass compilation is required
compile_sass = true
# Optional: enable tags
taxonomies = [
{name = "tags"}
# Code highlighting
highlight_code = true
highlight_theme = "boron"
# One of: blue, green, orange, pink, red.
# Defaults to blue.
accent_color = "blue"
# One of: blue, dark, green, orange, pink, red.
# Enabling dark background will also modify primary font color
# to be darker.
# Defaults to accent color (or, if not accent color specified, to blue).
background_color = "blue"
# The logo text - defaults to "Terminimal theme"
logo_text = "Terminimal theme"
# The logo link - defaults to base_url.
#logo_home_link = "/take/me/away!"
# Author name: when specified, modifies the default
# copyright text. Apart from author, it will
# contain current year and a link to the theme.
#author = "My Name"
# Copyright text in HTML format. If specified,
# entirely replaces default copyright and author.
#copyright_html = "My custom&nbsp;<b>copyright</b>"
# menu is enabled by adding menu_items (optional)
menu_items = [
# each of these is optional, name and url are required
# $BASE_URL is going to be substituted by base_url from configuration
{name = "blog", url = "$BASE_URL"},
# tags should only be enabled if you have "tags" taxonomy
# see documentation below for more details
{name = "tags", url = "$BASE_URL/tags"},
{name = "archive", url = "$BASE_URL/archive"},
{name = "about me", url = "$BASE_URL/about"},
# set newtab to true to make the link open in new tab
{name = "github", url = "https://github.com/pawroman/zola-theme-terminimal", newtab = true},
# Whether to show links to earlier and later posts
# on each post page (defaults to true).
enable_post_view_navigation = true
# The text shown at the bottom of a post,
# before earlier/later post links.
# Defaults to "Thanks for reading! Read other posts?"
post_view_navigation_prompt = "Thanks for reading! Read other posts?"
# Use full Hack character set, not just a subset.
# Switch this to true if you need full unicode support.
# Defaults to false.
use_full_hack_font = false
# Optional: Global favicon URL and mimetype.
# Mimetype defaults to "image/x-icon".
# The URL should point at a file located
# in your site's "static" directory.
# favicon = "/favicon.png"
# favicon_mimetype = "image/png"