A fork of the Zola theme "Terminimal".
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name = "terminimal"
description = "A simple, minimal retro theme"
license = "MIT"
homepage = "https://github.com/pawroman/zola-theme-terminimal/"
min_version = "0.5.1"
# An optional live demo URL
demo = ""
name = "Paweł Romanowski"
homepage = "https://pawroman.gitlab.io/"
# The original theme this one's been forked off.
author = "Radosław Kozieł"
homepage = "https://radoslawkoziel.pl/"
repo = "https://github.com/panr/hugo-theme-terminal"
# One of: blue, green, orange, pink, red.
accent_color = "blue"
# One of: blue, dark, green, orange, pink, red.
# Enabling dark background will also modify primary font color
# to be darker.
# Defaults to accent color (or, if not accent color specified, to blue).
background_color = "blue"
# The logo text - defaults to 2 non-breaking spaces.
logo_text = "Terminimal theme"
# Whether to show links to earlier and later posts
# on each post page.
enable_post_view_navigation = true
# The text shown at the bottom of a post,
# before earlier/later post links.
post_view_navigation_prompt = "Thanks for reading! Read other posts?"
# Use full Hack character set, not just a subset.
# Switch this to true if you need full unicode support.
# Defaults to false.
use_full_hack_font = false