Download Mastodon favourites. In Rust.
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DOWNload FAVourites

downfav is a simple application to download your Mastodon favourites, either in Org or Markdown formats.


At first, running downfav should display nothing. The reason is that there are no accounts or storage options for those accounts.

To create an account you need to run downfav <accountalias> create. This will start the registration process for that account.

Next, you need to define where you want your favourites to be saved. To do this, use downfav <accountalias> storage add <storagetype>. Currently, there are two storage types: markdown and org.

The Markdown Storage

The Markdown storage uses a directory structure based on the account name and toot id. This means that, if you favourited a toot by "someuser@server" identified by "123123", a tree like <base storage directory>/someuser@server/123123 will be created and the content will be saved there.

(This storage is usually recommended if you normally favourite content with lots of attachments, as each toot attachment -- image/video -- will be stored alongside the toot text.)

The Org Storage

The Org storage is similar to the Markdown storage, but instead of creating a new file for each toot, every favourite will be added to a <base storage directory>/<date>.org file; any attachments will be stored (and properly linked) in <base storage directory>/date/ directory.

(This storage is usually recommended if you normally favourite content with lots of text and not much of attachments.)