Random stuff, testing things, and so on.
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Julio Biason 0d8d39979a Tokio, processes, filesystems 1 day ago
actorstest Some stupid idea of actors 9 months ago
anstreamtest Experimenting with Anstream 9 months ago
asyncnext Made a simple async iterator out of pure async 1 month ago
axumtest Trying to deserialize the records 2 years ago
blockontest Trying block_on 9 months ago
canonicalizetest Playing a bit with Path::canonicalize 8 months ago
capresulttest Testing capturing resutls 1 year ago
channeltest Different try with channels 10 months ago
check-uuid Testing the uuid crate 3 years ago
chronotest Tests with Chrono 2 years ago
claptest Clap meta-information 2 years ago
closure Another tests 2 years ago
commandtest Comments 9 months ago
componenttest Playing with Path components 9 months ago
cons Some playing with Console 3 years ago
crosstermtest Testing crossterm 9 months ago
cxxtest Testing how CXX works (and how to integrate with C++ code) 2 years ago
decimaltest Testing rust_decimal 2 years ago
dieseltest Previous experiments 2 years ago
diritertest Working with iter 8 months ago
djangochildformtest/child Validation in admin with inlines 1 year ago
dontcollectresulttest Collect test 1 year ago
globtest Playing with tokio, copy, and wildcards 9 months ago
helloworld-tonic Another tests 2 years ago
html5test Almost there... 3 years ago
internetiterator Fixed the code (but it doesnt stop when there is no more data yet) 11 months ago
lite Testing how to make an "in" with SQLite+Python 3 years ago
mapoptiontest This is more in line with what I want 1 year ago
movereftest Checking if we can move references into threads 1 year ago
ms Read me 3 years ago
neverclap Trying an optional subcommand in Clap 1 year ago
nng Previous experiments 2 years ago
nomfoamtest Why allocate when we can reference? 1 year ago
notifytest Working with PG notifications 2 years ago
on-prelude Trying to run code on prelude 3 years ago
palindrome palindrome example, http://stackoverflow.com/questions/931092/reverse-a-string-in-python 10 years ago
parser Stupidly parsing files 5 years ago
pathextractiontest Prettier map 1 week ago
pestfoamtest Refactoring due weird definitions 1 year ago
pestgroupstest Playing with Pest (again) 5 months ago
pesttokiotest Tokio + Pest actually works 🤔 5 months ago
plotterstest Replaced the rectangles with a proper histogram 1 year ago
prodconrs Stupid way to re-enter data 2 years ago
ratatuitest Removed the Unicode character, so it works fine on Windows 9 months ago
richtest Playing with Rich 1 year ago
rwlocktest Simple test for RwLock 2 years ago
serdedyn Testing if Serde can work with dyn stuff 3 years ago
shlextest Testing shlex 1 year ago
sled-test Experiments with Sled 3 years ago
sparse-checkout A sparse-checkout without sparse-checkout 1 year ago
spmc-test Testing spmc 3 years ago
sqlxany Testing the Any database of SQLx 2 years ago
sqlxtest Testing renames in Enums 2 years ago
structsubgroup Testing with subgroups in structs 2 years ago
subcommand External subcommands is the key; 2 years ago
synctracingtest Tesing Tracing without async 8 months ago
tokiobroadcast Checking how Tokio deals with too many receivers in a broadcast 2 years ago
tokiocommandtimeouttest We actually need to kill the runner on timeout 9 months ago
tokioselect Playing with select! 2 years ago
tokiosemaphoretest Checking something about Tokio Semaphores 1 week ago
tokiosendrecv Testing if Tokio allows send and recv in the same run 2 years ago
tokiosharedruntime Security fix 1 year ago
tokiostdoutstderrtest Tokio, processes, filesystems 1 day ago
tokiostreamtest No options for recursive calls 9 months ago
tokiounixsocket Try to serialize BigDecimal 2 years ago
toml-groups Testing if Serde create groups 5 years ago
transformertest Making a mess of types 9 months ago
trynoterrortest Testing if we can overwrite the try 1 year ago
yielddirs Trying something silly with iterators 1 month ago
.gitignore Updated Ignore for Groovy things 1 year ago
Compo.java Checking if `andThen` creates a function with the input of the first Function and the output of the second 5 years ago
Untitled Diagram.xml Added Untitled Diagram.xml 7 years ago
a11y.py a11y s3k 3 years ago
bitcount.rs Previous experiments 2 years ago
break.py Python 3 compliance 9 years ago
cflow.rs Some testing with ControlFlow 1 year ago
const.rs Testing const fn 4 years ago
defaultoption.rs Previous experiments 2 years ago
destruct.rs Struct de-structuring test 2 years ago
dojo.py New random stuff 5 years ago
drag-and-drop.html Drag'n'drop in pure JS 3 years ago
ebooks.py Added the skeleton of a script to parse my ebook directory and pick one 3 years ago
ebooks.xml Added the skeleton of a script to parse my ebook directory and pick one 3 years ago
ebooks2.xml Added the skeleton of a script to parse my ebook directory and pick one 3 years ago
exename.rs Previous experiments 2 years ago
find_exe.rs Finding files in PATH 1 year ago
genreturn.rs Testing generic returns 3 years ago
hashlist.py True/false 2 years ago
pyparsers.py Splitting the parsers 2 years ago
resman.py Made a resource manager 2 years ago
specgen.rs Previous experiments 2 years ago
spongebob.py SpOnGeBoB GeNeRaToR 3 years ago
spongebob.rs Previous experiments 2 years ago
tee.py Another idea 2 years ago
telinet.py New random stuff 5 years ago
threadjoin.py Make everything in thread 2 years ago
unspace.sh script to remove "invalid" characters in filenames 10 years ago
while.rs Previous experiments 2 years ago